Black Hole Films

Jeremy LaLonde hosts this podcast where people finally get around to watching that film they always meant to.

Ep 105 - The Godfather

April 15th, 2019

Peter Harvey and Ellie Moon join Jeremy to watch THE GODFATHER and talk about oranges and horses heads just how gosh darn young everyone is…

Ep 104 - The Wild Bunch

April 8th, 2019

Stefan Brogen and Jackie English join Jeremy to watch THE WILD BUNCH and wrestle with how they feel about it while trying to figure out if something like this could even be made now…

Ep 103 - Wild Strawberries

April 1st, 2019

Sam Coyle and Richard Rotter join Jeremy to watch WILD STRAWBERRIES and get lost in the journey into the past, despite some early missteps…

Ep 102 - Mean Streets

March 25th, 2019

Kate Johnston joins Jeremy to watch MEAN STREETS and pontificates on the mastery already at play that will go on to make one of our greatest filmmakers…

Ep 101 - Bergman: Opening Night

March 18th, 2019

Jeremy tackle’s INGMAR BERGMAN’S CINEMA: Opening Night - the first in an ongoing series.

Ep 100 - Citizen Kane

March 11th, 2019

Kate Hewlett@katehewlett, Bern Euler  , and Graeme Jokic join Jeremy for CITIZEN KANE and at least one of them does NOT like it…

Ep 99 - The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension

March 4th, 2019

Ken Cuperus, Scott McClellan and Ryan Goldhar join Jeremy for THE ADVENTURES OF BUCKAROO BANZAI ACROSS THE 8th DIMENSION and delight in making sense of it…

Ep 98 - A Quiet Place

February 25th, 2019

Lauren Lee Smith joins Jeremy to watch A QUIET PLACE and tries not to get muscle spasms from the tension sandwich that is the film…

Ep 97 - Timecrimes

February 18th, 2019

Elan Mastai joins Jeremy to watch TIMECRIMES and try to figure out just why filmmakers are so obsessed with time travel…

Ep 96 - Bull Durham

February 11th, 2019

Alice Moran joins Jeremy to watch BULL DURHAM and lets him pretend to know stuff about athletics from time to time while they revel in a film that celebrates the brutal reality of minor league sports…